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Last Updated: 28/12/2019
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Noshahi.net : A net off shopping, saving, entertainments and information. We regularly update and make sure that third parties links are upto date.

1p Reward: : One item listed by Noshahi Tech and set to be matched required users to sell listed item at special discounted price. Price drops by visiters.

Match Code : (listed item needs 2 viewer to be matched)
See loading code under the blue code, when you see Match Code, Press the Match Code button and if both codes are matched, take screen shot or use our code send button, Computer user must use send code to us button. Match code and buy item with listed price. No reserve and code is valid for 24hrs or first come first serve, item is subject to available as other buyer still can buy it online (online code). One item one time.
It is your responsiblity to prove that you matched code. Please enter correct mobile number , bring your phone to claim item. by pressing send button you'll be taken to send page.

A success log is created by Matchcode and Reward site so we know it and reserved the right to cancel or reject order.
Q: Why adblocker message appears?
A: Adblocker message appears on 1p Reward and MatchCode only when your internet is too slow, your device is slow, Reward timer is unable to load or your browser is blocking google advert ads.

Q: Can I buy it in store (Shop)?
A: Reward item is online only, MatchCode with Match code only.

Q: Delivery or Collection?
A: 1p Reward you can select collection or home delivery at checkout, we ship to UK mainland Only. Matchcode item is to collection only.

Q: Where can I Collect it?
A: Noshahi Tech 104B Tollerlane Bradford BD95DU or other place in Bradford BD9 only.

Q: What is online code?
A: It is payment option for custom order and pay online Pay Online Code, you can select delivery or collection.

Q: How 1p Reward works?
A: Price drops when 2 or more viewers online same time and when (5 viewers online)15 seconds orange button timer ends with Get it Now. Press Get it now, Next, Press Go Next, Here you'll see what is in your order (if you press back or refresh page you'll loose), you can select Collection or Delivery is default option. Press Buy Now and Pay for the item. You are buying item from Noshahi Tech and Reward is special discounted price online only.

Q: My code is not matching
A: When 2 viewers are online same time you can match code.

Q: We are visiting site three people but showing only 1 viewer, why?
A: Because you are on the same internet.

Q: 1p Reward price is not dropping?
A: Price drops when 2 + viewer are online and active. try to share with family and friends.

Q: How Can I pay?
A: At online Checkout we accept card payments.

Q: How many items can I buy using 1p reward?
A: MatchCode is one item per 24hrs and first come to first serve and no reserve. 1p Reward we listed only one item, if available you can buy it..

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Please share reward site with your friends and family. Thank you.
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