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Vodafone Smart First 7 mobile phone new unlocked
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How it will work?
1. You have to enter your UK standard mobile number via our website, we only need your mobile number, and it will be use to send you text message if you are the winner.
2. Winner will be notify by text message only, from our own number.
3. We advert in our website that prize has been announced.
4. Your number will be saved on website hosting data and will be deleted when prize is announced. you can enter again to win next prize.
5. We won't ask you anything about your personal details.
6. When prize announced we'll delete all mobile number and you can enter again to win next prize.
7. We reserve the right to make any change without any notice.
8. It is FREE to enter your number in prize draw (via our website only).
9. You can add more then one number as long as your number can receive our text message.
10. Winner must collect item from Bradford BD9 within 7 days. or Delivery £3.

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